The Bloggers

Sheena and Melissa took over the writing and creative direction of House of Marbury in Summer 2016.  They have been loyal HOM followers since law school, and when they found out Kate and Desiree were looking for a pair of women to continue their vision with a fresh twist, they jumped at the opportunity.  To them, House of Marbury is a unique space that provides professional women a place to go to learn about fashion and style, as well as tips for balancing their professional lives with their personal lives – and flourishing in both.  Sheena and Melissa cannot wait to share their ideas with you! 

A little about Melissa…


Hometown:  Chicago, IL

Legal Occupation:  I practice plaintiff’s workers’ compensation and personal injury litigation in Louisville, Kentucky.

Hobbies (aside from fashion and blogging):  Cooking. If I had it my way, my boyfriend and I would spend time each night preparing a meal together and sitting down to dinner.  The process of taking a recipe from the cookbook to the table is incredibly relaxing to me — or maybe it’s the glass of wine I’m usually drinking during it.  Either way, I can’t resist a good meal (or a good glass of wine).  

Fashion inspiration:  I recently moved from Chicago to Louisville and have found myself inspired by the “southern” approach to fashion.  Style here is refined, classic and often colorful.  While in Chicago “fashion” often translates to black, black and more black, down here people (including professionals) are not afraid of color.  While I will not be ditching my wardrobe for a closet full of Lilly Pulitzer, I am looking forward to adding some playful patterns to the rotation.  

Professional style:  Classic with a pop of interest.  All black with a patterned scarf, or a traditional white button down and cheetah flats.  I’m usually running out the door in the morning so I try to keep my closet full of classic pieces that can be mixed together easily and on the fly (think neutrals, button downs, pencil skirts, lightweight sweaters) and use accessories to “stylize.”

Personal style:  Laid-back preppy.  By the time the weekend rolls around I am ready for comfort – my weekend uniform usually consists of flats, leggings and a worn-in oxford.

What I’m most excited about right now:  After being cooped up all winter I can’t wait to spend the summer outside.  Warm weather means morning walks, catching a baseball game after work, sleeping with the windows open and meeting friends for drinks on a patio somewhere.  

A little about Sheena…


Hometown:  Austin, TX

Legal Occupation:  I’m an attorney and indirect tax geek at PricewaterhouseCoopers in downtown Chicago.

Hobbies (aside from fashion and blogging):  I’ve had the privilege of living in three foodie cities, and my mother used to be a chef, so I love exploring local bars/restaurants, sampling unique dishes and sipping on craft cocktails. If I’m not out and about, then chances are I’m curating playlists or planning my next travel adventure!

Fashion inspiration:  I was born and raised in a town outside of London, so I’ve seen my fair share of European fashion – chic, polished and uber sophisticated. Plus, I’m Indian, so bold colors and intricate details are in my blood. Identity crisis? No way. As fashion has evolved, cultural lines have blurred. I love that fashion isn’t local anymore and that I can take inspiration from anywhere.

Professional style: I keep it pretty simple in terms of silhouette, but I love playing with color and texture combinations to keep things fresh and reflective of my personal style. I always add delicate jewelry and a retro cat eye to finish the look.

Personal style:  My style is quite eclectic, but I stick to modern, carefully-edited looks and feel my best in a short statement dress or a pretty top, dark skinny jeans and funky heels.

What I’m most excited about right now:  I recently moved in with Boyfriend, so I’m excited about decorating our space and welcoming guests into our home. Interior design and Pinterest projects don’t come easily to me (read: I’m indecisive and clumsy), so it’ll be a fun challenge.

The Founders

House of Marbury Shopping Event-December 16, 2014_077

House of Marbury Shopping Event-December 16, 2014_016

Kate and Desiree founded House of Marbury in the summer of 2014.  Their vision was to create a forum for working women looking for fashion and style inspiration tailored to their high-demand lifestyles, needs, and interests.  Over cocktails one night, they realized that a dynamic fashion & style resource like this was lacking and decided this would be their mission and passion project (outside of their own high-demand professions!).  Soon thereafter, House of Marbury was born, and Kate and Desiree are proud to have built something new and unique for professional women.  House of Marbury has attracted professional women readers from all over the country, and in wide-ranging professions, and has built a loyal following of women who come here for fashion guidance and ideas.

Now, Kate and Desiree are thrilled to turn over the writing and creative direction of the blog to Sheena & Melissa.  This is an exciting new chapter at HOM, and we can’t wait to see what comes next!

A little about Kate…

Kate lives in Chicago with her husband Conor and two pit bulls Tucker & Seamus.  She practices plaintiff’s personal injury litigation at Power Rogers & Smith, P.C. where she represents seriously injured individuals and their families in various areas of litigation, including wrongful death, motor vehicle negligence, medical malpractice, premises liability and product liability.  Outside of work, she’s an avid cook and enjoys trying new recipes, perfecting old ones and entertaining family and friends.  Follow her on Instagram @theGingerList for daily recipes and food inspiration, or email her any time at theGingerList@gmail.com.

A little about Desirée…

Desirée is a partner in an international law firm, where she works out of the Chicago and Doha, Qatar offices.  Desirée is also the founder of Greenhorn Legal, LLC, an attorney development and training company, and the author of the ABA bestselling book, Thrive – A New Lawyer’s Guide to Law Firm Practice.  Like Kate, Desirée’s hobbies include everything food-related.  She also loves to travel the world with her two sweet kiddos and her husband, Abe.  Check out some snapshots of Desiree’s life in Doha on Instagram: @desiree.moore.

Cheers to all passion projects and power-women everywhere.  Thanks for reading!

-Kate & Desirée


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