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Style Guide – A Man’s World Edition

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[Photo credit: Dutti] Every once in a while we do a feature on men’s clothing – a little something for our male readers (or, more realistically, a little something for our core HOM community to pass along to their favorite men!).  This week, we’re dressing your man head to toe for a non-suit professional […]

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ESQ Clothing


{meet lawyer-turned-fashion business owner Ge Wang} Last week, we had the pleasure of talking with the founder of ESQ Clothing, Ge Wang. Ge is an attorney who left full-time practice to start a custom men’s suiting company.  Ge filled us in on how he made the jump from legal practice to fashion, style tips for […]

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Bespoke Men’s Suiting

bespoke suiting

{a look at banana republic’s monogram suit line} In recent weeks, we’ve heard the word “bespoke” used again and again.  Must be making a comeback.  Or maybe it never left and we are just out of it.  Anyway, we thought we’d use it today in a sentence.  Specifically, in a sentence about the amazing Monogram […]

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Five Steps To Building A Professional Wardrobe For Your Man


{tips for helping the man in your life dress like a professional} Unless your husband/partner/boyfriend/etc. is a rare male-fashionista, he likely needs at least a little bit of help in the wardrobing department.  When it comes to professional attire, we’ve found that men can generally pull something passable together – but, for us ladies who […]

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The Best Online Resources for Menswear


{a roundup on Brad’s favorite blogs} Mens’ wardrobes can be a relatively uncomplicated affair. Business attire? Suit, light shirt, and a dark tie with dark oxford shoes; add a contrasting pocket square for an extra pop. Business casual? Slacks and a sport coat with loafers; wear a knit tie for that extra note of nonchalance. […]

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A Gent’s Shoe Survival Guide


{shoe maintenance 101} Our first of many guest posts from Brad: Spring is here! Well, allegedly. This winter has been about as rough on a pair of shoes as winter can be. And so far, spring hasn’t looked much better. If those new Allen Edmonds Park Avenues you’ve been sporting at the office are going […]

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A Guide to Men’s Suiting Cuts and Lengths


{how to find the right cut for your body type} We’ve already covered the basics of men’s suiting.  The next step in achieving a properly-fitting suit is to understand your body type.  (I know that this is not everyone’s favor topic, but disregarding the body you have when buying a suit, or any clothing for […]

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The Basics of Fit for Men’s Suiting


{menswer fit guide 101} Now that you have had an introduction to me and hopefully picked a fashion icon, it’s time to dive into the specifics of menswear.  This week we are gong to break things down to a more technical level. Admittedly, I hemmed and hawed about where we should start for quite a […]

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Find a Fashion Icon


{how to find great menswear that works for you} The basic components of a man’s wardrobe haven’t changed over the past hundred years.  Trends may come and go, but the basics defy the passage of time.  Suits, ties, collared shirts, sports coats, and trousers have been and continue to be our everyday uniform. So, if […]

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Trying To Do What Those Ladies Tell Us


Young MC anyone?  Too old of a reference?  Anyway. If you care about your significant other, you’ll just tell him what to wear.  Period.  (Well with some exceptions, I guess, otherwise known as “metro.”) One of the best wardrobe staples for men is a sport coat.  A great sport coat goes a long way toward […]

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