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Pumpkin spice lattes ready? We are here with HOM co-founder and  Loyola University Chicago School of Law alum Kathryn (Kate) Conway.  As many of you know, Kate works as a trial attorney at Power Rogers & Smith where she represents seriously injured people and their families in medical malpractice, premises, automotive, and product cases.  We know you will love getting a behind the scenes look at Kate’s life as a trial attorney, wife, dog-mom and food blogger (don’t forget to check out her Insta for drool worthy food & drink pics).

Tell us a little about yourself:  I was born and raised in Chicago, and never really left!  Now I live a mile from the house I grew up in with my husband Conor and our two dogs, Tucker and Seamus. 

What is your morning routine?  I usually wake up at 4:30 AM, read the news, get ready, and am out the door by 5:30-6.  I’m trying to fit a work out in there, but most days I go straight into the office.

What does your day look like? Favorite part of your day?  I love the mornings because they are quiet and I can get a ton done before the distractions and interruptions of a busy office and busy work day set in.  I spend most mornings in court on status calls or hearings, and my afternoons are spent doing different things from deposition-taking to research and writing, inspections, reviewing medical records, consulting with experts, etc.  Every day is a little bit different, which I enjoy.

How do you combat the afternoon slump?  I’ve found that the best way to get re-energized is to get up and walk around.  I’ll sometimes walk down the street to grab a tea just to get out of the office for a short time, which helps me re-focus when I return. 

Caffeine of choice?  Coffee in the morning and green tea in the afternoon! 

How do you create “balance” between your work life and your personal life?  Admittedly this is a work in progress.  Lately, I’ve been trying to pack things into the mornings so that I can spend the weekends engaging in my hobbies and hanging with Conor, Tucker and Seamus.  

Accomplishment you’re most proud of? I’m very proud to work at Power Rogers & Smith.  I work with some of the top trial lawyers in the business, and it’s a privilege to be able to watch and learn from the best.  It’s also an awesome responsibility to represent clients like ours.  When someone is injured and their entire life has been thrown off track, it’s essential that we do our best and get them the compensation they need to make up for those lost earnings or provide for their medical care.  I’m very proud to try to help people ease those burdens and better their situation.

Was there an aspect of your career that didn’t come easy?  Most aspects of legal practice are challenging.  It’s difficult to manage a case load with different deadlines approaching on 40+ different matters.  It’s difficult to investigate and understand the unique facts and facets of the law that apply to each new case.  It’s challenging to be a woman in a career that is still dominated by men.  But, the challenges are what keep me engaged.

Best piece of advice for young lawyers / aspiring lawyers?  Be confident and keep trying.  You will not take a perfect deposition your first time, or even your tenth time, but legal practice is often about tenacity and grit, and so long as you keep improving, you will succeed.

Best stress reliever?  I absolutely love to cook.  I think the exercise of creating something is fun and focusing on a task that has nothing to do with the law helps me de-stress.  And, enjoying the end result, usually with a glass or two of wine, is stress-relieving too!

Favorite organizational tool/office essential?  My iPhone/iPad.  I diary everything x10 and make a million to-do lists, but it helps keep me sane and on my game.  There are so many amazing litigation apps that have made my practice so efficient.  I especially love notability (a PDF annotation app), BigHand (a dictation app), and TranscriptPad (a deposition review app)!

Piece of clothing most worn to the office / professional wardrobe staple?  A black sheath dress.  I used to be all about suits when going to court, but now I opt for a black sheath + belt + jacket/blazer.  More versatile and just as professional.  And always high heels 🙂

If you could have coffee with anyone, who would it be?  Our president.  I believe Barack Obama is a true marvel and will go down in history as one of, if not the, greatest President our Country has had.  A close second would be Trevor Noah.

What are you most excited about right now?  Fall!  I love fall fashion and fall food.  And thankfully, I have you two to help me with the former!

Thanks, Kate!



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