Wardrobe Essentials

Whether you are just starting your job or need a wardrobe makeover, don’t miss these essentials!

House of Marbury - Wardrobe Essentials Suit

Power Suit

Desiree loves Boss (if you need a great-fitting, straightforward suit, Boss is it).

Kate loves Theory (Theory offers a variety of basic to more exciting suiting options and is conveniently available at most major department stores).

Classic Blazer

Desiree loves Rachel Roy.

Kate loves Theory (as much as I love their suiting, Theory excels when it comes to fun, well-fitting blazers).

Everyday Cardigan

Desiree loves Vince (softest ever; nice fit, too).

Kate loves Banana Republic (affordable and classic, available in full-length and cropped sleeves).

Easy Sheath Dress

Desiree loves Cynthia Steefe (there’s something for everyone here, and her dresses are super flattering).

Kate loves MM.LaFleur (these dresses were made for the professional female, but each has a subtle detail that adds a necessary element of style).

Perfect Button-Up Shirt

Desiree loves Equipment (recently discovered brand – love their patterns and soft silks).

Kate loves the boy shirt in classic white from J.Crew (the three c’s:  clean, classic, and comfortable).

Rounded Toe Shoe

House of Marbury - Wardrobe Essentials Pump

Desiree loves Cole Haan with Nike Air (I have a hard time finding comfortable heels, but the Nike Air for Cole Haan collection comes close).

Kate loves L.K. Bennett (Kate Middleton’s choice for footwear and mine, too).

Everyday Tights

Kate loves Hue (the most run-resistant tights I’ve come across).

Desiree (almost always) refuses to wear tights!

Beautiful Scarf

Kate loves Kate Spade (with a variety of classic square silk scarves, Kate’s are always office-appropriate).

Desiree loves Etro.

Essential Work Bag

Desiree loves (no I’m obsessed with) Balenciaga (arguably expensive, but a lifelong investment).

Kate loves Lo & Sons for their sleek yet utterly functional, heavy-duty work bags.

House of Marbury - wardrobe essential work bag

Smarty Pants Glasses

Desiree loves Ray Ban (love the Icon collection).

Kate loves Warby Parker (as affordable as they are stylish, and, like TOMS, for every pair purchased, a pair is delivered to a person in need).

Best Work Boots

Desiree loves Tory Burch (you can pre-order these amazing riding boots!).

Kate loves Frye (admittedly these boots tend to be rustic, but Frye’s quality is tremendous, and they do offer some work-appropriate pairs).

Classic Shell

Kate loves Ann Taylor.

Desiree loves BCBG (a lot of their tops are designed for going out but can be worked so that they are beautiful for the office, too).


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