Redheads Wear It Best

{why redheads can and should wear red, even to the office}

I have been asked several times whether redheads should wear red, and my answer is always a resounding YES!!!

I remember watching Will & Grace as an awkward 15-year-old redhead and noticing that Debra Messing was always dressed in bright reds, oranges and pinks.  I had previously thought that this was a no-no.  But, Debra always looked so bold and vibrant, and I realized early on that wearing red actually enhances the color of red hair.

Take a look at the redheaded bombshells below and tell me I’m mistaken.  Redheads absolutely should wear red in all of its forms, and we shouldn’t be afraid to go all in with a red outfit + red lipstick.  And the workplace is no exception.

Bold colors such as red are absolutely appropriate for professional attire.  After all, red is an attention-getting power color and pairs wonderfully with black and navy suiting.

But why stop at a red blouse? It’s my firm belief that every woman, and especially every redheaded woman, should own a red suit.

At the Fashion Esquire event at Chicago-Kent last week, Ann Taylor’s stylist showcased this gorgeous red skirt suit with subtle peplum detail (below left).

Instead of pairing it with a black shell as is pictured, he styled it with this pinstripe button down blouse, with the collar peeking out over the jacket’s crew neckline and the sleeves extending just beyond the length of the jacket.  Striking and stylish yet entirely professional.

red suits

Another great red suit with more classic tailoring is this one-button blazer and coordinating pencil skirt from Anne Klein (above right).

As much as I love red, though, I would discourage wearing a red blouse underneath a red suit as the AK model does. Instead, I’d pair the suit with this sleeveless tie blouse in ivory or this sharp button front blouse in Camellia.

Have I made my case, ladies?  (And for our non-red headed readers, which we suspect is most of you, check out the color test mentioned in this post for a palette of bold colors that bring out the best in you – well worth 5 minutes of your time.)

Rock that red, dear!

-The Redhead of Team HOM

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