Splurge v. Save

Worth the Splurge

House of Marbury - Save v Splurge pearl earrings

Watch:  A watch is an enduring investment.  In fact, a well-chosen watch can become a family heirloom.  And, a watch is a necessary professional accessory.  Consider investing in a nice one that you will be able to wear on a daily basis.

Pearl studs:  Diamonds may be a girls best friend, but pearls are a close second.  And real pearls will last you a lifetime and will be the perfect subtle accessory to any professional outfit.

Briefcase/work bag:  A quality brown or black work bag is also worth investing in.  house of marbury - save v splurge trench coat

You will come to rely on a functional bag and if you take care of it, it will last for years.

Black pumps:  Nude pumps are really in right now, but black pumps are a forever staple.  A great pair of, say, Prada pumps look great and will serve you well on a
daily basis.

Trench coat:  No matter where you live in the continental United States, a well-tailored trench coat will help shield you from the elements and provide a professional look as you commute to and from the office, court, lunch dates or other meetings.

Better to Save

House of Marbury - save v splurge flats

Shells:  Several retailers carry a variety of cute, affordably-priced shells.  Don’t overpay on this item that is meant to be worn under a suit.  What’s more, it’s better to own a variety of different shells than to settle on just a few, more expensive pieces.

Button ups:  Button downs are a necessary staple in any female lawyer’s closet.  But, like shells, a quality button down is easy to come by and should not cost too much.

house of marbury - save v splurge shift dress

Loafers:  Loafers are a great shoe to be worn casually or during your commute.  Although you will wear these and rely on them daily, they are not likely to stay in good condition.  So, choosing an affordable pair that you can replace periodically is best.

Winter boots:  Winter boots are meant to come in constant contact with the elements.  For this reason, it is not worth investing in something that is likely to get dirty or damaged.  And, plenty of retailers offer simple black or tan winter boots at affordable prices.

Sheath dress:  While a special dress is certainly worth

house of marbury - save v splurge statement jewelryinvesting in, a simple black sheath is easy to find and should not require you to spend hundreds of dollars.  Instead, try department stores or retailers such as Ann Taylor, Banana Republic or The Limited
for great sheath options.

Statement jewelry:  Statement jewelry is trendy right now.  But, it’s unclear whether the trend will continue.  Instead of investing in a few, upscale statement pieces, opt for a variety of fun and colorful pieces that suit you for the time house of marbury - save v splurge colorful accent
being but may not remain a permanent part of your jewelry collection.

Colorful accents:  Colorful blazers, scarves, skirts and blouses add fun embellishments to any wardrobe.  But unlike neutral staples, they cannot be worn as frequently, so you should think twice before investing in a pricey, boldly-colored piece.


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