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Fashion Definition:  For men, a tuxedo; for women, a full-length gown, although, depending on the occasion, knee-length dresses will often be seen.

Synonym(s):  Formal.


Black-tie Optional  adjective

Fashion Definition:  A half-step below black-tie, black-tie optional denotes the option of wearing a tuxedo or formal dress, but the formality is more flexible, meaning a dark suit and tie and cocktail attire is equally encouraged.


Business  adjective

Fashion Definition:  In the legal context, business attire means a suit.  A dress with suit jacket may be substituted.  Depending on the occasion, a coordinating suit with button-down underneath will be most appropriate.


Business Casual  adjective

Fashion Definition:  In law, this means a professional outfit without the formality of a coordinated suit.  For women, skirts with blouses, trousers with button-ups or dresses with cardigans will suffice.  For men, a suit and dress shirt sans tie, or a sweater to replace the suit jacket is appropriate.


Casual  adjective

Fashion Definition:  Casual means anything goes, including denim.  Again, depending on the occasion, flip flops + jeans + tank top may still be a little too informal.  But, if your work day or event is ‘casual,’ nothing in particular is required of you.

Synonym(s):  Weekend Wear.


Cocktail  adjective

Fashion Definition:  Short, elegant dresses for her and dark suits for him. The little black dress is the ultimate cocktail dress and appropriate for most special occasions.

Synonym(s):  Evening.


Evening  adjective

Fashion Definition:  See definition for Cocktail.


Formal  adjective

Fashion Definition:  See definition for Black-tie.


Weekend Wear  adjective

Fashion Definition:  See definition for Casual.


White-tie  adjective

Fashion Definition:  These are incredibly rare, so do not worry if you are not familiar with the term.  Most legal functions are cocktail functions, with the occasional formal gala.  Should you be invited to a white-tie function, the good news is the attire is predetermined:  for men, full dress including white tie, vest and shirt. Women wear long gowns, without exception.  If an event is white-tie, it will most certainly be noted on the invitation.

Synonym(s):  Ultra-Formal.


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