How to Wear Silk Scarfs to the Office

{we love silk scarfs and you should, too}

We love the classic sophistication of a silk scarf, especially when worn to enhance your typical business suit or shift dress.  Jackie O. and other fashion icons of the ’20s-’60s wore scarfs with most every outfit, and we think it’s time to revive the trend.

silk scarf collage

The first step is to find the perfect scarf, one that is both elegant and office-appropriate, and the second step is to figure out how best to wear the scarf.

1.  Step one was made easy for me when my cousins bought me the perfect Christmas gifts:

Erin bought me a stunning Longchamp silk scarf and Annie bought me a gorgeous scarf from Jonathan Adler.  For more glorious options, try Burberry, Kate Spade, Chanel, and Hermes.  For some additional scarf inspiration, check out this post from Club Fashionista.

A few tips:  Silk scarfs are the most classic.  Opt for something with a large repeating print, such as flowers or a geometric design.  A thicker silk is more wrinkle-resistant and will hold its shape well once tied.  A scarf with multiple colors will be easiest to match with multiple outfits, but a scarf with bold neutrals is just as versatile.

2.  Now, how to tie your scarf:

There are several options.  We love the look of a scarf draped loosely in front and tied on the side or in back, like so:

silk scarf 3  silk scarf 4

These scarves would provide the perfect accent to a casual shift dress.

Or, if you have a rectangular scarf, try tying it once or twice around your neck and leaving a bow to the side:

silk scarf 5  silk scarf 7

Or finally, the easiest way to tie a scarf is to wear it around your neck and tied in front of you with the ends hanging down, like so:

silk scarf 6

What do you think about scarfs?  Have you tried wearing them to the workplace?

Happy accessorizing,

Team HOM

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  1. jazmine orender September 26, 2016 at 9:11 am #

    i love the way it looks wish i could have a scarf like those

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