Working Girl’s Guide To: Staying Warm in the Office


While I’m very lucky to sit by the windows overlooking the Chicago River at work, these days I’m shivering and constantly reaching for my blanket scarf and a cup of hot tea to stay warm. After failing to convince our office services department to increase the temperature, I got to thinking about simple ways to stay chic and warm this winter:

1. Have a blanket scarf on hand

Remember the multi-color plaid scarves that sold out at the Zaras of the world and then became the quintessential winter accessory? I purchased mine (pictured) from ASOS in ’14, and it’s still perfect for both my commute and to drape over my shoulders at the office. See here and here for similar options. While my office is casual and a colorful plaid option is totally acceptable, feel free to opt for a neutral to keep things presentable.

2. Be smart about your layers

Uniqlo is the place to shop for basic layers. The Chicago store is 60,000 square feet (!) of simple but quality clothes available in a variety of colors and fabrics. I’m most impressed by their HEATTECH line, which has heat retention functionality in addition to moisture absorption and anti-static properties. Try wearing these leggings (also available in extra warm and ultra warm) under your pants for an added layer of warmth, or these tights if you’re wearing a skirt.

While we’re on the topic of layers, some of my favorite layered looks include 1) a crepe tank underneath a cropped chunky sweater and 2) a chambray button-up under a thin sweater, under a stylish jacket.

3. Keep your toes warm first

Warm toes = warm body, at least in my experience. Sure, I have thick wool socks to wear with my snow boots, but they’re not workable for the office, so I’ve been sticking to booties and a pair of these insanely soft and comfy aloe-infused socks, which keep your feet nourished and moisturized – and extra warm! I’m obsessed.

Let us know in the comments how you stay warm in the office. Until next time!


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